About airlive

These days, when you can’t see your favorite star directly, How are you cheering for the star?

Watching Online Live

What do you think the most important service is when watching online live performances?

Listening only to a song is just 1% less for me~

I want to make an eye contact and talk to my favorite star~

I wish you listen to what I say~

I hope you hear my little wish~

I want you to say my name~

Send your wishlist to your favorite star or AIRLIVE


We always communicate with you.

AIR LIVE Team considers the communication between fans and stars as the most important matter.

The AIR LIVE Team plans and produces online live performances as well as online streaming services.

The AIR LIVE Team delivers fans’ voices by communicating directly with the star.

AIR LIVE’s special service that connects happiness with your favorite star!

Start now.

AIR LIVE’s special service that connects happiness with your favorite star!


Star’s heartfelt gift

Sending star-signed CDs, autographed Polaroid photos, autographed posters, handwritten messages, custom shirts, etc. overseas(free)!


Enjoy even more real than real

Online signings, photo time, various games, voice message that is only one in the world, and other events that fans can participate in!


Three. Directly select a server of your country or nearby country!

Stable streaming service that doesn’t stop even abroad.
It is reassuring since there are a number of servers(applied from October 2020!)


Eye Contact & Talk

Enjoy a happy talk with your favorite star while having an eye contact~
Far from each other, but feel like you’re in the same space, and spend a dreamlike time together!
Deliver your voice through clear live.



Let’s make a wonderful atmosphere of live delivery with support items or comments!
You can present support items to artists!
Item proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, under the artist’s name.